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"..Thelonious Monk International Jazz Composers Competition winner, Jim Robitaille, led the Monk Institute student band in an impressive performance of his award winning composition."- Jazz Times Magazine

"..Jim's work on this recording demonstrates once again why he is so respected by his peers. He always plays musically and straight from the heart. He Is a true musician." - Charlie Banacos

"..Robitaille's guitar, drifts between a tight groove mode and a freer flexible flow as well as anybody out there."
-All About Jazz

"..Jim Robitaille Group's debut To Music has its own identity."
- Jazz Improv Magazine

".."To Music will be a pleasant surprise to those guitarists searching for a new influence beyond, say, Metheny, Abercrombie, and Scofield." - Drums Etc, Quebec, Canada

"..Robitaille is obviously his own man, a front runner for debut of the year."
- Jazz views. UK

"..The melodies on "To Music" are memorable and soulful. I enjoyed this recording alot."
- Dave Liebman

"..All these tunes are cutting-edge hip arrangements."
- Escambia Sun Press, Pensacola

"..Jim Robitaille makes an impressive recording debut ."
- The Daily Ipirotikos Agon and the Apopsy, Greece